Bali, with its varied landscapes, sandy beaches, volcanic hillsides and lush rice terraces, is one of Indonesia’s premier tourist destinations. The island is strategically located and consists of beautiful mountains, valleys, lakes, beaches and warm, seawater.  Hinduism predominantly influences the culture of Bali. You will see a touch of Hinduism in every aspect of the Balinese life. There are temples at every corner of the island. Some areas may have suffered over-commercialism in the recent years, but a majority of Bali is still untouched by time.  Here are ten places that you must visit on your trip to Bali.

1. Besakih Temple:

Besakih Temple

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Besakih Temple, also known as ‘the mother temple’, is the largest of all the temples in Bali. Tourists from all over the world frequent this place. The temple is situated on the slopes of Mount Agung in Rendang sub district. It is considered the holiest and the highest mountain in Bali Island because of its strategic location. This huge temple is dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma. The top of the temple area offers beautiful views of the wild nature until to the ocean. The light, cool and breezy climate creates a peaceful atmosphere around the temple. The location of this temple is ideal for people to indulge in meditation.

2. Tegalalang Rice Terraces:

Tegalalang Rice Terraces

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Tegalalang Rice Terrace is located on the north side of Ubud. The place is a famous tourist attraction for its beautiful scenes of rice paddies. The terrace involves the subak, a traditional Balinese irrigation system, which was passed down by Rsi Markandeya, a revered local man. The cool climate and quiet atmosphere of the Tegalalang Rice Terrace have made it a very popular tourist spot. Artists, especially painters, enjoy visiting this spot. Even the photographers will love taking shots of the dramatic views of the terrace. There are numerous cafes and restaurants that where you can have lunch while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the terraced field.

3. Kintamani Volcano/ Mount Batur:

Kintamani Volcano Mount Batur

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Mount Batur, also known as the Kintamani, is one of the most popular tourist spots in Bali. The mountain dominates the northeastern section of the Bali. The Kintamani mountain consists of three villages, Kintamani, Batur and Penelokan. The peak is also an active volcano that includes a lake, four craters, and several villages. You can also climb to the top of the Mount Batur to witness the sunrise. It is a popular activity among the tourists. You can climb the mountain in around two hours. Do not forget to visit the Pura Ulun Danu Batur, one of the nine major Hindu temples in Bali. Lake Batur is the biggest lake in this region and serves as the main source of irrigation for all the farmers.

4. Ubud Monkey Forest in Bali:

Ubud Monkey Forest in Bali

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Ubud Monkey Forest is one of the several long-tailed macaque inhabited rainforests in Bali. The forest is well known for its location, ease of access and community-based management. The Ubud Monkey Forest lies on the fringes of the main center of Ubud. The place is dwelt by 200 monkeys. The monkeys are believed to be the God Guard for the Dalem Agung Temple.  It has large tree shade, relics, and statues, which gives the forest an ancient feel. The forest is also an area of scientific research. The ancient bathing temple is another interesting site within the forest. It is located on the northwestern borders of the Ubud Monkey Forest.

5. Bali Safari & Marine Park:

Bali Safari & Marine Park

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Bali Safari and Marine Park is a fun tourist spot in Bali. It is one of the most visited animal’s theme parks in the Bali. The park is home to over 80 species of animals, which roam freely in the breathtakingly beautiful natural habitat. The park also helps in the conservation of endangered species that are losing their habitat. The park helps the scientist carry out research on the different wild animal conservation projects. The park also runs education and conservation campaigns. When in the Bali Safari and Marine Park, you can watch fascinating talent shows, meet the baby orangutans, view the baby sharks and enjoy the ride on a safari bus. Do not forget to meet the Indian white tigers in the Bali Safari and Marine Park.

6. Ubud Traditional Art Market:

Ubud Traditional Art Market

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Ubud Traditional Art Market, locally called as the ‘Pasar Seni Ubud’  is the economic center of Ubud in Bali. The market is located strategically in the center of the Ubud Village. You can easily locate the Ubud Market, as it is very famous among the Balinese. Also, the market is close to other places of interest like the Ubud Monkey Forest, Painting Museum, Tegalalang Rice Terrace, Gua Gajah and  Ubud Palace.  You will find beautiful scarves, clothes, hand woven bags, statues, kites and other handcrafted goodies. The market is opened every day from 8 am to 6 pm. Some of the shops are open until nighttime, so plan your trip accordingly.

7. Elephant Safari Park:

Elephant Safari Park

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You must be aware of the world famous Bali’s elephants. You can find all the majestic elephants at the Bali Elephant Safari Park. The park is managed by the Bali Adventure Tours. It gives the visitors the opportunity to get up, close and personal with these peaceful elephants. You can also go on a sightseeing expedition on the backs of these elephants. The facilities offered at the Safari Park include a full reception and information center, a spa, a comprehensive museum with a huge collection of elephant memorabilia,  graphic displays of elephant history and a safari park lodge. There is also a 200-seat restaurant and bar where you can dine, enjoying the beautiful lakes over the park and lake.

8. Sanur Beach:

Sanur Beach

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Sanur Beach is a beautiful white sand beach located in the village of Denpasar in the southeast Bali. This beautiful clear water beach is frequented by oldies, which has also earned the spot the nickname “Snore Beach”. In addition, the tropical atmosphere of the Sanur beach makes it an ideal place for relaxation.  Sanur village has several important historic sites like Blanjong Pillar and the Le Mayeur Museum. The place also offers beautiful views of sunrise and sunset. The beach also holds annual events like the Jukung and the Kite Race. The place also has various resorts, bars and restaurants for you to enjoy.

9. Seminyak:


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Seminyak is a small town located on the southwestern coast of Bali. It is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Bali. The city, with its spas and luxury hotels, attracts several travelers from all around the world. The place offers beautiful, panoramic views of the Indian Ocean. Also, several professional surfers flock to the Seminyak to ride the waves. Note- the surf of the Seminyak beach can be too rough for amateur swimmers, so be cautious. The place is also home to dozens of clubs, restaurants, and creative shops.

10. Banjar Hot Water Spring:

Banjar Hot Water Spring

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Banjar Hot Water is a hot wellspring located in Banjar Countryside, Bali. Brimstones present in this hot wellspring is believed to heal skin diseases. The water is accommodated in one swimming pool that is encircled by trees and shrubs. You can reach the Banjar Hot Water Spring via a motor vehicle through the main road. The place also has accommodations like lodging and hotels.

I know you must be getting impatient to explore the beauty of Bali after reading this article. Let us know which places you enjoyed visiting the most in Bali.

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