England is a great place to explore, whether you are a tourist or a resident. It has a boundless capacity to charm, excite and surprise its visitors. From double decker buses to thatched cottages, from village pubs to cream teas, you will find everything in England.

England has a rich heritage and a glorious regional diversity. It offers its travelers endless options when it comes to fun things to do and see. This small, yet influential country is bursting with exciting cities, rich tradition and fascinating history. Historic sites like old castles, colleges dating back to the Middle Ages and old palaces are found at every turn.

1. Yorkshire:


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Yorkshire is a popular tourist destination in England. The place is visited by 40 millions of visitors annually. Yorkshire is divided into four Ridings- North, South, East and West. The sheer beauty of Yorkshire has inspired generations of painters- from John Atkinson to David Hockney. People flock to Yorkshire mainly for its food and drinks. Yorkshire has more Michelin-starred restaurants than any place else in the country. Traditional Yorkshire has some of the most beautiful historic cities and towns.  The York in Yorkshire is a great base for exploring the rugged beauty of the countryside.  Beverly, on the other hand, is noted for its magnificent half-timber houses, churches, medieval guildhalls and romantic streets

2. Bath:


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Bath, with its sweeping, honey-stone Georgian crescents and terraces, is a strong contender for England’s most beautiful small city. The place has a fascinating history- right from the Roman Baths to the life of Jane Austen, one of the greatest authors of all time. The place has beautiful galleries like the Holburne and One Royal Crescent. The varied shopping destinations in Bath are also a major draw.  The city also has amazing pubs and restaurants. Some other stunning historic sites include the Mendip Hills, the Avon Valley, and countless other amazing Somerset landmarks. You must check out Sacred Spring and the Roman Temple when in Bath.

3. Brighton:


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Brighton is a place that you will never get bored of. It is located on the south coast of Great Britain. It is a popular destination for day-trippers from London. It is also called the “London-by-the-Sea” for its strategic location. There is always something unexpected about this city. It caters to people of all tastes Visit the North Laine to find offbeat designers and dingy flea markets. It has well-upholstered parks, clubs, restaurants and traditional cafes. September is the best time for visiting Briton. Brighton is also home to two popular universities- University of Sussex and University of Brighton.

4. London:


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London is one of the few cosmopolitan cities on earth. From history to culture to art and architecture, London has something to offer to everyone.  The place has a wide range of events to offer to its tourists like the music festivals, food pop ups and theaters. You will find all the manor galleries, major museums and iconic sights in the Central London. The museums in London are as diverse as they are magnificent. If you are looking for good looking, sceneries, then venture to Richmond, Kew Gardens or Hampton Court Palace.

5. Cornwall:


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This magnificent coastline with 300 miles of dunes has cliffs, medieval harbors and oak-forested creeks at every kilometer you visit. You can go for a picnic to the wildflower beaches or swim with the seals and harmless fishes. Cornwall is also known for its artistic heritage. Painter, potters and sculptors from all over the world flock here to witness the rugged beauty of Cornwall. The incredible Eden Project is a major attraction of Cornwall. The place consists of artificial flowers and plants from all over the world. It also consists of huge domes that look like an igloo shaped greenhouses. The place also hosts several musical events.

6. Cambridge University:

Cambridge University

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Cambridge University is a well-known university and the center of public research in the United Kingdom.  The old world charm of Cambridge University makes it a huge draw for visitors to England. It is as popular as its counterpart, the Oxford University. It boasts of the largest collection of preserved historic building. The 31 colleges of Cambridge University have a student population of 18,000.  The university offers its student sports clubs, art centers and other college related amenities. Cambridge University also hosts cultural events like the Cambridge Folk Festival and Midsummer Fair.

7. Lake District National Park:

Lake District National Park

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Lake District National Park is a must visit destination for travelers to England. It offers England’s greenest countryside, finest scenery and grandest views. Its lakes, valleys and woodlands make it one of the best places to experience great outdoors. You can take a bike ride down the lanes or hike across the hills. The place has lakes like Windermere and Wastwater, the largest and deepest lakes in England. One of the most notable literary connections of the Lake District is William Wordsworth. He drew much of his poetic inspiration from the landscapes of the Lake District. Other attractions of this park are Scafell Pike and Grasmere, a lovely small village.  The Lake District National Park is visited by 14 million tourists every year.

8. The Cotswolds:

The Cotswolds

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The Cotswolds is an area in southern England, encompassing some of the prettiest countries of England’s- Oxfordshire, Wilshire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire, Somerset and Worcestershire. It contains the Cotswold Hills, a range of hills rising from the meadows of the upper Thames.  It is designated as an area of outstanding beauty due to its beach, woodlands, stately homes and gardens and grassland habitats. The beauty of the Cotswolds has a lot to do with its quaint villages and small towns like Chipping Norton, Castle Combe and Tetbury. The Cotswolds is best discovered on foot. Walk along the pathway to witness the spectacular views of the Vale of Evesham and the Severn Valley. When in Cotswold, make sure you stay in the thatched-roof cottage.

9. Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City:

Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City

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The Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City is a UNESCO designed world heritage site in Liverpool. It was included by the UNESCO for being a supreme example of a commercial port at the time of Britain’s greatest global influence. The city tells the story of how the United Kingdom developed throughout the centuries. It narrates the story of the mass movement of slaves; people and immigrant came from Europe to America. It was also the center for generating innovative technologies.  The city comprises of six locations of Liverpool, including the William Brown Street, Pier Head, and Albert Dock. It includes the city’s most famous landmarks like historic centers and docklands. St George’s Plateau is the major attraction of the Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City.

10. The Malvern Hills and Commons:

The Malvern Hills and Commons

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The Malvern Hills are a range of hills in the counties of Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire. It also dominates the surrounding towns and countryside of the District of Malvern. The area is designated as a Biological and Geological Site of Special Scientific Interest in the Natural England. The place houses some of the oldest, ingenious and metamorphic rocks of the pre-Cambrian period. Climb to the highest-level summit of the hills to see the panorama of the Severn Valley and the Bristol Channel. The Malvern Hills and Commons are also known for its spring water.

England is extremely easy to explore, whether you choose to tour by public transport or car. It is guaranteed to give you an unforgettable experience. We hope you have an amazing experience in England.


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