Singapore, officially the Republic of Singapore, is a sovereign and island country located Southeast Asia. The city is an amalgamation of westernized modernity, traditional cultures and street life.

Singapore is one of the safest and cleanest cities in the world. The city is so orderly that even the trees are planted every twenty feet apart. Singapore is a paradise for shoppers. You will find local fashion items to luxurious branded merchandise in Singapore with great deals. This food-crazed city has several cafes, restaurant, food courts and food stalls everywhere.

Besides shopping, dining, and food, there is a lot to Singapore that you may not know about. From elegant temples to grand colonial buildings, there are enough captivating places in this city. The list can be absorbingly long, but we have shortlisted the top ten places that you must visit on your trip to Singapore.

1. Sentosa Island:

Sentosa Island

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Sentosa Island is one of the favorite leisure destinations of Singapore. Is boasts of plenty of tourist attractions for people of all age groups. Sentosa island once served as a British military fort up until the World War 2 because of its strategic location. The island was given a dramatic makeover and a spanking new name in the year 1970. Sentosa Island is a perfect place to get your adrenaline pumping. The main attraction is the 2 kilometer long sheltered beach with its integrated resort, golden beaches, and luxe retreats. The resort offers spas, golf course, restaurants and several entertainment zones for the kids.  Even the foodies can indulge in global cuisines in the amazing restaurants. The island is just a few minutes from the mainland business district, so you will not face much difficulty reaching there.

2. Singapore Zoo:

Singapore Zoo

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Singapore zoo, locally known as the Mandai zoo is one of the top tourist attractions in Singapore. Singapore zoo is renowned for displaying the animals in natural, free-ranging habitat, in which they can roam freely. With no cages or bars, the animals are allowed live almost like they do in their natural habitat. The zoo houses the largest captive colony or orangutans in the whole world. The zoo is divided into different zones that include Frozen Tundra, Primate Kingdom, Wild Africa and Australian Outback. At Singapore zoo, you can also have breakfast with the orangutans. It may sound bizarre, but it is actually true. You will surely appreciate the great diversity of animals in their naturalistic setting.

3. Singapore Flyer:

Singapore Flyer

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Do you want to experience a breathtaking 360-degree view of the iconic and historical landmarks along the Singapore River? Then hop in the Singapore Flyer, the largest observation wheel in the world. The engaging multimedia will teach you about the history of Singapore and the stories of Singapore flyer. If you are traveling with your partner, then you should experience the marvelous, gorgeous night views from atop the Observation Wheel. You can also indulge in a  four-course sky dining experience with your beloved. The best time to take the ride, is at dusk when the row of downtown skyscrapers is softly lit.

4. Universal Studios:

Universal Studios

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Universal Studios Singapore is a theme park located within Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore. It is the second Universal Studios theme park to open in Asia. The park features 24 movies themed  rides and attractions, out of which eight are designed exclusively for Singapore. The park is designed carefully to create a weather-protected experience. There are seven movie themed zones, and each zone features a distinctive architecture and entertainment offerings.  The performances offered in the Universal studios are equally spectacular. Your little ones will enjoy the Shrek 4-D Adventure.

5. Singapore Botanic Gardens:

Singapore Botanic Gardens

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The Singapore Botanic Gardens is another breathtakingly beautiful place that you can visit in Singapore. It is a treasure trove for plant lovers, or for people who want to have a good time outdoors. It features a 47-hectare park with a swan lake, themed gardens and symphony stage.  It is the only botanical garden in the world that opens from 5 a.m. to 12 midnight every day. The Singapore Botanic Gardens do not charge an admission fee, except for the National Orchid Garden. Some of the highlights include The National Orchid Garden, which has the world’s largest orchid display. Kids will have a fun time at the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden. You can also teach your child about different plants and their characteristic features in this children’s garden.

6. Jurong Bird Park:

Jurong Bird Park

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The Jurong Bird Park has the world’s largest walk-in aviaries. It has a huge collection of 5000 birds of different species. This landscaped park is built on the western slope of Jurong Hill, hence the name. The aviaries closely resemble the natural habitat of the feathered friends. It also has the tallest man made waterfall, where you can enjoy a closeup of free flying birds from Africa to South America. In one corner of the park, you will find a section full of flightless birds like emus, ostriches, rheas and cassowaries.  Do not leave the park without witnessing the Birds n Buddies show for a stunning display of the largest collection of birds.

7. Underwater World:

Underwater World

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Underwater World is an oceanarium located on the island of Sentosa. The oceanarium has more than 2,500 marine animals  from different regions of the world. The Underwater World oceanarium is also involved is several educational projects like the Coral Club, Living in the Ocean Program and Ocean Ambassador Program. You can feed the gentle fishes through openings at the side of the MAGIC-Tank. Do not forget to watch the show of Dolphin Lagoon where the fur seals perform along with the pink dolphins. You can also pose for photos with the seals and dolphins afterwards. We are sure you will have a splashing good time with your family at the Underwater World.

8. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum:

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum

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Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum is a Buddhist town located in the heart of China Town in Singapore. This temple is worth the visit with its rich Buddhist art and culture and rich features. The temple prides itself on the research done to ensure authenticity of the design and architecture of the museum. The temple features facets of Buddhist arts and cultures of Singapore. The highlight of the temple is the Sacred Buddha Tooth Relic housed in a Stupa consisting of 320 kilograms of gold. You can take a tour of all four floors while learning about the history and culture of Buddhism.

9. The Maritime Experiential Museum:

The Maritime Experiential Museum

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The Maritime Experiential Museum is a museum located in the Resorts World Sentosa, Sentosa, Singapore. The inspiration of this museum is Admiral Zheng He, Asia’s greatest explorer. It is the only museum to display the maritime history of Asia. The 400 rare objects found in the Maritime Experiential Museum will take you on a journey of epic voyages. You will be fascinated to learn about the people, culture and their interesting stories along the maritime trade routes. Every year new attractions open in the Museum.

10. Fort Siloso:

Fort Siloso

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Fort Siloso is the home to the nation’s largest collection of World War II memorabilia. It is situated on the island of Sentosa. Fort Siloso is one of the four coast artillery batteries constructed on Blakang Mati by the British. You can take tram ride to journey through history with entertaining guides. Do not forget to explore the old tunnels, cannons, original guns, film clips and photographs from yesteryears.

So if you are going for a short trip, then you might want to extend your trip to visit these places. Hope you liked our compilation of the best places to visit in Singapore. Share your views in the comment section below.


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