Chandigarh is the modern city of India. It is the first planned city of post-independence India. It is acclaimed as one of the most organized city, not just in India, but also of the rest of the world. The tourism of Chandigarh is at a peak. It has quite a good number of tourist attractions. Chandigarh is located in the foothills of Shivalik range, so the climate stays favorable all year old. This is another reason for its high tourism.

Nature lovers from different parts of the country, and the world flock to visit this lovely place. The myriad places to visit in Chandigarh may overwhelm you, right from the soul-stirring Amb Sahib to the stunning Rock Garden. The architecture and landscape of Chandigarh are a treat to the eyes. In this article, we will provide you with top ten tourist attractions that you must visit when in Chandigarh.

  1. Leisure Valley:

Leisure Valley

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Leisure Valley is the most popular tourist attraction in Chandigarh. It looks like a garland of gardens, beautifying the entire city. It is in the Leisure Valley that different kinds of theme gardens are set up. The Leisure Valley begins from the Rajendra Park in Sector 1 and stretches till the Bougainvillea garden in Sector 3. The garden includes Hibiscus garden, the Garden of Fragrance, Shanti Kunj, Bougainvillea Garden and so on.  It is used for long walks, exercising and other fitness workout activities. The Leisure Valley also holds a 3-day long carnival annually in February. The festival attracts visitors from other countries as well.

  1. Rock Garden:

Rock Garden

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The Rock Garden of Chandigarh is the epitome of innovation and creativity. It is a unique garden consisting of objects built from home and industrial waste and other scraps. People from different parts of the world come to see the exhibits of the garden. The place displays man-made waterfalls and sculptures made of mudguards, frames, handlebars, auto-parts, broken bangles, marbles, etc. The exhibits are enhanced by the open-air theater, waterfalls, and pools. Several prestigious performances are staged at this theater. The Rock Garden is situated near the Sukhna Lake. So whenever you visit Sukhna Lake, take out some time to visit the Rock Garden as well.

  1. Sukhna Lake:

Sukhna Lake

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Have you ever been to a man-made Lake? If no, then you can visit the Sukhna Lake when in Chandigarh. Stretching for 3 kilometers, the lake was created in the year 1958. Sukhna Choe, a stream was dammed to give rise to Sukhna Lake. It is a peaceful and scenic place with an astounding waterfront. The chirping of the birds adds to its serene atmosphere. People visit here for activities like boating, water skiing, boating, etc. Morning risers visit the place to enjoy the breeze and the beauty of nature.  Picnics in the noon and evening are common here. So if you want to rejuvenate yourself, Lake Sukhna is the ideal place for you. You will forget all your stress and worries once you visit here.

  1. Capitol Complex:

Capitol Complex

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The Capitol Complex of Chandigarh is the most spectacular work of Le Corbusier. It houses the seat of the Chandigarh government. It initially served as the seat of only the Government of Punjab but is now the headquarters of the Government of Punjab and the Government of Haryana. The Capitol Complex consists of three main edifices- the Secretariat, the Legislative Assembly, and the High Court. The buildings stand majestically, representing the temples of democracy of free India. The evocative groupings of the buildings, separated by large piazzas, make it look beautiful. At the center of the Capitol Complex stands The Open Hand, the giant metallic sculpture. It is the official emblem of Chandigarh. It signifies the city’s credo of ‘open to give’ open to receive’.

  1. Rose Garden:

Rose Garden

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Rose Garden, also known as the Zakir Husain Rose Garden of Chandigarh, is a must-visit place for you are a lover of roses. You will find more than 1600 varieties of roses adorning the garden. It will trap your heart with its beauty and fragrance. The large garden extends over 30 acres. The roses are beautifully carved out as flowerbeds and lawns.  It includes not only roses, but also some shrubs and medicinal trees. It also houses trails and benches for people who want to work out. The entry to the Rose Garden is free, but picnicking is not allowed. The garden also holds an annual festival with splendid decorations of dance, gifts and flowers to the winners.

  1. Kansal And Nepali:

Kansal And Nepali

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If you are an adventure freak and are looking for a break from the gardens and museums, then you can head to Kansal and Nepli forest. Chandigarh has more than 3000 hectares of forest. The forest areas are around the Sukhna Lake, Patiala ki Rao and Sukhna Choe. Just near the village Kansal, you will find a reserve forest. The entry to the woods is restricted, so you can enter only after obtaining an entry pass. You will find a rest house surrounded by beautiful flower beds and beautiful grassy lawns. At a short distance from the Kansal Forest, you will find Nepli, the other reserve forest. Nepli is a bit wild. It is surrounded by small hills on two sides, and the whole area is covered by thick forest. A walk in these woods will be very rewarding for you.

  1. Pinjore Garden:

Pinjore Garden

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Pinjore Garden, also known as the Yadavindra Garden, is a famous garden created by a Nawab under the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. The garden was reconstructed by the Maharaja Yadavindra of the State of Patiala. You will find several palatial structures displaying a blend of the Rajasthani and Mughal styles of architecture.  The Pinjore Garden covers a total area of 100 acres. It has a mini zoo, a Japanese garden, picnic lawns, plant nursery and other historical places. The garden looks beautiful at weekends when the fountains are switched on, and the lights pick up the beauty of the garden.

  1. Government Museum and Art Gallery:

Government Museum and Art Gallery

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The Government Museum and Art Gallery is a very popular museum in India. It is situated in the heart of Chandigarh. The museum has four major wings- art gallery, the Chandigarh architecture museum, the national history museum and the national gallery of portraits. It displays a unique collection of paintings, sculptures and art objects, including the miniature paintings from Rakhastha, Gandharan and Pahari sculptures. The exhibits of the museum can be owed to the partition of India, where nearly 40% objects were brought here from the Lahore Museum. To reach the Government Museum and Art Gallery, you just have to take a rickshaw or a local bus to the Rose Garden. The museum is just across the road.

  1. Chhatbir Zoo:

Chhatbir Zoo

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If you are visiting Chandigarh with your children, the Chhatbir Zoo will make a beautiful getaway for you. Chhatbir Zoo is a great place for family gatherings. It houses a large species of birds, reptiles and wild animals. The lion safari is a must visit in this location. The Zoo is open all days except Monday and national holidays.

  1. International Dolls Museum:

International Dolls Museum

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The International Dolls Museum is one of the unique museums in India. It contains dolls, marionettes and puppets from 25 different countries, including Russia, Korea, Denmark, Spain, Netherlands , etc. The museum was established in 1985. It was initially started to provide amusement to children but went on to earn fame worldwide. The fairy tale characters recreated as dolls are a big hit here. And so is the display of Indian dolls in different attires. There is also a toy train to amuse children.

A visit to these places will ensure a lifetime of delightful memories. Also, Chandigarh is close to Himachal Pradesh, a state that offers several charming attractions.  So if you are going on an extended trip, try to head to Himachal Pradesh as well.

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