Bangalore, now renamed Bengaluru, is the capital of Karnataka. It is the fastest growing cosmopolitan city with an enormous demand from the tech giants worldwide.  This city of salubrious gardens is always bubbling with life and energy. Being one of the largest cities of India, Bengaluru has earned itself several titles like the Pub Capital of India, Air Conditioned City, the Silicon Valley of India and the City of Gardens.

People from all over India flock to Bangalore for various reasons like entertainment, employment, education, business, and tourism and so on. The city is lined with landscapes and is free from the extremities of climate due to its convenient location. If you are in Bangalore for a trip, then here are the top 10 attractions to see here.

  1. Ulsoor Lake:

Ulsoor Lake

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The Ulsoor Lake, also known as Halasuru Lake, is located in the central Bangalore. It is believed that God Somesvara visited the Kempe Gowda in his dream to bless him with the hidden treasure. He then built a pagoda using the Dravidian style architecture and dedicated it to God Somesvara. The Ulsoor Lake was formed for harvesting the rainwater. The city drainage contributes as a source of water to the lake. The lake is located at an impressive location. You can go boating and swim in this lake. It has islands that contain various kinds of insects, birds and flowers. The Guru Singh Sabha Gurudwara located on the edge of the Ulsoor Lake enhances the beauty of the place.

  1. The Government Museum:

The Government Museum

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The Government Museum is an archaeological museum located on the Kasturba Gandhi Road. It is considered one of the oldest museums in India. The building was originally designed by Colonel Sankey. The museum has the two exhibition floors, with 18 galleries. Each gallery houses sections on geology, sculpture, inscriptions and artifacts. The objects include relics from Vijayanagar, Halebid, Mohenjo-Daro and even Neolithic Period. The museum also houses the Halmidi inscription, the earliest Kannada inscription. The museum is open for the viewers from 10 am to 5 pm on all days except Wednesday.

  1. ISKCON Temple:


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The ISKCON Temple is a society having 350 temples dedicated to Lord Krishna all over the world. The temple in Bengaluru is the largest of all the temples and promotes spiritual learning and Vedic culture. The ISKCON Temple was inaugurated in 1977 by the President of India. Built on top of the hill, the temple offers beautiful views of the surrounding. The architecture of the ISKCON Temple is a mix of Dravidian and neo-Classical style, with four gopurams (towers). The prayer hall of this stunning temple can accommodate 2,000 devotees. The stunning roof paintings depicting the life of Krishna are not just unique, but also informative. The temple contains the five incarnations of God Vishnu. The complex also houses the Dakshinakriti shop for handicrafts, the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust, and the ISKCON museum. Do not miss the delicious prasad distributed after the darshan.

  1. Lalbagh Botanical Gardens:

Lalbagh Botanical Gardens

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The Lalbagh Garden is one of the star attractions of Bangalore. It is spread over a sprawling 96 hectares. The park was commissioned by Haider Ali in 1760. He commissioned it as a retreat for himself and wanted it just like the Mughal Gardens in Delhi. His son completed the garden and named it Lalbagh. The Lalbagh Botanical Garden is popular for its collection of rare trees and plants imported from France, Persia and Afghanistan. There is also Lalbagh Rock, believed to date back to 3000 million years. It has well laid out path and seating space for the convenience of visitors. The glasshouse of Lalbagh is inspired by the Crystal Palace in London. The Lalbagh Botanical Gardens also hosts flower shows twice a year, a week preceding the Republic Day and Independence Day.

  1. Bangalore Palace:

Bangalore Palace

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Do you want to see a replica of Windsor Palace? Then you must visit the Bangalore Palace. A visit to Bangalore would be incomplete with the visit to the Bangalore Palace. The place has a Tudor style architecture with green lawns, archers, fortified towers and elegant woodcarvings. Spread over 430 acres, the Bangalore Palace was acquired by King Chamarajendra Wodeyar in 1873 from its owner Reverend J Garret. The palace has more than 3000 paintings. You can also go for an audio tour to get an insight into the rich history and heritage of the Mysore Empire. The palace grounds are used for organizing various events and musical shows, including rock concerts.

  1. Tipu Sultan’s Palace:

Tipu Sultan’s Palace

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Even though Tipu Sultan’s Palace is located in a congested area in Bangalore, it is nevertheless a must visit the place. The palace was initially built as a summer retreat for the king. It was called ‘The Abode of Peace.’ The palace is sculpted out of teakwood and has ornamental pillars, balconies, and curved arches. The walls have beautiful floral patterns made on them. The Ganesh Temple in the courtyard is a testament of Tipu Sultan’s religious tolerance. The palace is now converted into a museum, which houses magnificent paintings, gold and silver pedestals, clothes worn by the king, and other artworks that adorn this place.

  1. Cubbon Park:

Cubbon Park

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The Cubbon Park is another major attraction of Bangalore.  This green island is located in the middle of the Central Administrative Area of Bangalore. It is named in the honor of Sir Mark Cubbon, the Engineer Commissioner of the time. The park has some of the rarest species of plants. It has around 6000 species of flora.  The place is frequented by nature lovers who love to explore the magnificent landscape. The area is interspersed with heritage buildings like the Seshadri Iyer Memorial Hall, Attara Kacheri and the Museum of Archaeological Survey of India. The bamboo gardens add to the overall beauty of the park. You will also find the stunning marble statue of Queen Victoria, Sri Chamarajendra Wodeyar, King Edward VII and Major General Sir Mark Cubbon. Your kids will enjoy the Jawahar Bal Bhawan, the children’s center.  Photography lovers will have a great time with their camera here.

  1. Vidana Soudha:

Vidana Soudha

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Vidhana Soudha is one of the most important structures of Bangalore. It is the seat of the state legislature of Karnataka. It is a 46-meter imposing building comprising of 300 rooms and four domes on each corner. Each of the rooms reflects the Dravidian style of architecture with its intricate woodwork. The Vidhan Soudha, housing 22 departments of the Government of Karnataka, is one of the largest legislative buildings in Bangalore. The place is illuminated at Sunday night, which gives a beautiful view. Unfortunately, the Vidhana Soudha is not open to the public.

  1. Wonderla Amusement Park:

Wonderla Amusement Park

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The Wonderla Amusement Park is a world of splashing waters and thrilling rides. It is said to be the largest amusement park of its kind. It is a place of fun and joy in its truest sense. The rides of the Wonderla Amusement park are divided into four sections- kids’ rides, water rides, dry rides and high-thrill rides. You can purchase the tickets for the Wonderla Amusement park online also. Tha park offers exceptional discounts to students. Make sure you get to the park early so that you can have to stand in a long queue to get your favorite ride.

  1. Bangalore Fort:

Bangalore Fort

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If you want to feel a sense of the historical roots of Bangalore, then you must head to the Bangalore Fort. The Bangalore Fort was commissioned by Kempe Gowda, the feudatory of the Vijayanagar Empire and the founder of Bangalore. Hyder Ali then converted the mud fort into a stone fort in late 18th century. Later, the British conquered the fort and kept dismantling it for various reasons. Now only the Delhi Gate and the remnants of two bastions remain.

We’re sure you will enjoy your stay at Bangalore. There are many resorts and hotels in Bangalore to make your stay a pleasant. Also, the restaurants provide high-quality food. So when are you thinking of visiting Bangalore? Or have you already been to Bangalore? How do you like the place? Tell us by commenting below.

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